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Interconnected machinery: How TOMRA Food is transforming the food processing landscape and accelerate innovative solutions

In an era where processing machinery is increasingly interconnected, TOMRA Food, a leading designer and manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions, is pioneering new business partnerships to streamline operations and accelerate the development of innovative solutions. This initiative is driven by the company’s Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions and Partnerships, Bjorn Thumas.

The Philosophy of ‘Trusted Togetherness'”

TOMRA Food’s machines, which are part of food processing lines, have the ability to communicate with each other, exchanging data to ensure seamless operation. This has led the company to question why machine manufacturers don’t collaborate more to ease the integration of their various line solutions. TOMRA Food has taken steps to answer these questions, leading to the formation of strategic partnerships.

Building Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Solutions

The company’s philosophy of “trusted togetherness” underpins these partnerships. This approach aims to build close collaborations with processors and packhouses, allowing TOMRA Food to tailor each customer’s sorting and grading solutions to their unique operational challenges and priorities. The same philosophy extends to TOMRA’s relationships with other providers in the food industry, leading to integrated business partnerships that offer superior support to customers.

Case Studies: ICOEL and Marel Partnerships

One such partnership is with ICOEL, a company that designs and manufactures fruit handling, processing, and packaging equipment. This partnership, formalized in 2022, has allowed the two companies to share resources and processes, providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for customers and enhancing the quality of solutions and services provided.

Another strategic partnership was established in 2019 with Marel, a global provider of advanced food processing equipment. This collaboration has led to the development of Spectra, a foreign material detection solution that is setting new standards in poultry processing and quality control.

Collaborations with Luciano Aguilar and Jose Borrell

TOMRA Food also collaborates closely with Luciano Aguilar, a Spanish-based machinery distributor, and Jose Borrell, a leading provider of lines for shelling, sorting, grading, and packing almonds. These partnerships provide food processors with fast access to service and support, as well as turnkey solutions for complete lines.

The Benefits of Trusted Togetherness

The benefits of these partnerships for processors and packhouses are numerous. They lead to better integration of line solutions, improved line performance, reduced downtime, and increased efficiency. They also simplify the process for processors and packhouses, providing them with a single point of contact for a broader range of line solutions. Furthermore, they improve the availability and speed of delivery of spare parts, provide 24/7 support, and enable the faster introduction of new or updated solutions to the market.

Empowering the Food Processing Industry

In conclusion, TOMRA Food’s philosophy of “trusted togetherness” is not only strengthening its relationships with customers, but also fostering innovative collaborations with other industry providers. This approach is empowering processors and packhouses to achieve their full potential in an increasingly interconnected world.

Source: TOMRA Food
Cover photo: TOMRA Food and Luciano Aguilar Team
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