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Precision cleaning: Harnessing the power of the Scotts Evolution Separator for superior potato cleaning

In the ever-evolving world of potato farming, the need for efficient and effective cleaning systems is paramount. One such system that has been making waves in the industry is the Scotts Evolution Separator.

In a recent tutorial video, Derek Scott, Managing Director at Scotts Precision Manufacturing, provides a comprehensive guide on how to optimize the settings for cleaning main crop potatoes using the Evolution Separator.

Derek explains that the Evolution Separator is a sophisticated machine designed to clean potatoes by separating them from soil, clods, and other debris. The machine operates by creating a ‘valley’ where the potatoes, soil, and other materials are processed. The key to achieving optimal cleaning lies in understanding and adjusting the machine’s settings.

The first crucial setting is the speed of the spiral roller, which should be between 120 and 130 revolutions per minute (RPM). This speed ensures that the potatoes are not merely carried over the separator but are actively ‘dancing’ around on the table, allowing for more effective cleaning.

The second important setting is the gap between the spiral roller and the clod roller. This gap should be as close as possible without the two touching, as this could cause excessive wear. A larger gap, on the other hand, can make the machine overly aggressive and lead to the spiral roller becoming clogged with mud.

The height of the clod roller is another key setting. The higher the clod roller, the more difficult it is for anything to escape over the top, leading to longer cleaning times. This can be particularly beneficial when dealing with stones, which tend to bounce out of the valleys quicker than clods.

Finally, the speed of the clod roller can be adjusted for fine-tuning. The faster the clod roller is turned in the opposite direction, the longer the clods are held in the valley for cleaning. However, it’s important to ensure that the clod roller is always moving, no matter how slow, to keep it clean.

In the video, Derek demonstrates these settings using main crop potatoes fresh off the field. He emphasizes the importance of making adjustments one at a time to see their effect and advises not to be afraid of making substantial adjustments to better gauge their impact.

The video also showcases the Evolution Separator’s flexibility, with the ability to adjust the direction and speed of each pair of clod rollers independently. This allows for customization based on the specific cleaning needs of the crop.

The Scotts Evolution Separator offers potato growers a highly customizable and efficient solution for cleaning main crop potatoes.

As Derek Scott explains: “By understanding and adjusting its various settings, farmers can optimize their potato cleaning process, leading to higher quality produce and improved yields.”

Source: Scotts Precision Manufacturing
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