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Automating agriculture: The rise of robotic potato farming in Europe

A recent research study from Germany has illuminated the top-performing agricultural robots for potato farming in Europe: the Robotti LR and Robotti 150 D from Danish company AgroIntelli. The research was carried out by a group of scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam and the Technical University of Berlin.

As Future Farming reports, the study evaluated about 35 various field robots based on their compliance with plant development requirements, with a particular focus on geometric dimensions.

The findings indicated that the Robotti LR and Robotti 150 D stood out as highly effective for potato farming. Equipped with the appropriate carrier tools, they can autonomously drive, perform spraying tasks, and carry out mechanical weed control.

The advent of agricultural robots introduces new possibilities for automation and enhanced precision for potato farming.

[The video below was published on the Dewulf YouTube channel and can be viewed here as well.]

Source: Future Farming. Read the full story here
Photo: In the spring of 2021, the AgroIntelli Robotti robot and a Dewulf planter planted potatoes on the Dutch experimental farm Farm of the Future in Lelystad. That went surprisingly well. Credit Koos Groenewold via Future Farming

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