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Greener horizons: Unpacking Farm Frites’ latest sustainability report

Farm Frites, a global leader in the agriculture and food industry, continues its strong commitment towards sustainability with the publication of its annual Sustainability Report for 2022. The company, already known for its active role in promoting green practices, explores its progress in several key areas of environmental responsibility and outlines its future aspirations in the report.

The Farm Frites sustainability initiative set in motion in 2018 has reached notable milestones, as delineated in the 2022 report, the company says in a recent news release. It not only highlights the company’s achievements but also underscores areas where amplified efforts are necessary to fully align the company’s operation with its green objectives.

The Sustainability Report goes into great detail on the varied steps Farm Frites has taken towards a more sustainable operation, evidencing a multi-faceted approach to environmental responsibility. The company has made substantial investments in renewable energy resources, as illustrated by the installation of solar panels on its factory rooftops. It has also pioneered the development of new sustainable potato varieties to support its production.

Farm Frites’ commitment to minimizing food waste is evidenced by their endeavor to use as much of each potato as possible in their processes. The company has also focused on optimizing factory efficiency by providing training to its operators, thereby conserving both energy and resources.

A major force behind these achievements has been the company’s strong team of over 1,500 employees. The report features interviews with several team members, offering insight into their contributions and the passion that drives their commitment to sustainability.

Farm Frites’ latest Sustainability Report marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing journey towards a greener planet. The company extends an open invitation to all stakeholders to engage with its sustainability efforts, emphasizing the collaborative nature of its mission. This report not only validates Farm Frites’ commitment to sustainability but also illuminates the pathway to its future endeavors in nurturing a greener planet.

Read the full Sustainability Report or the summary here.

Source: Farm Frites
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