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Wyma Solutions became part of the MHM Automation group of companies

MHM Automation Limited is a global Agritech organisation, headquartered in New Zealand, with offices and distributors in a number of overseas markets.

MHM is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and is of a similar size and operations to Wyma. They design and supply products and services to Agricultural customers with a focus in the meat, dairy, grain, and horticulture sectors. They are particularly strong in the meat and dairy sectors and are considered world leaders in automated reverse packaging in the dairy sector and plate freezer technology in the meat sector.  

In addition, MHM supplies a range of innovative automation and robotics solutions, from palletising and packaging to AGVs and automated warehousing. 

Joining forces will provide significant benefits to both companies and to our customers. In particular, Wyma is excited to be able to incorporate the MHM range of automation and robotics products in the line solutions we develop for customers.

Otherwise, things are business as usual for Wyma, and we’ll continue to operate as Wyma Solutions, with the same team you already know, focused on helping our customers get the Best from Every Harvest.   

For those interested in the technical aspects of the merger, Wyma is now a wholly owned subsidiary of MHM and the previous shareholders of Wyma are now the largest single shareholder of MHM. Andrew Barclay, Wyma Managing Director, has joined the MHM board of directors.

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Source: Wyma Solutions
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