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Potato Storage Insight: Sprout suppression and the revival of potato storage research in the UK

The July issue of Potato Storage Insight’s Synopsis bulletin zeroes in on the utilization of maleic hydrazide, a sprout suppression treatment applied in agricultural fields for lasting control of sprouting during potato storage.

According to author Adrian Cunnington, this product provides a persistent level of sprout control, enhancing the effects of temperature regulation and additional chemical treatments used directly on the crop during the storage period. The overall result is an improved and extensive control over sprouting.

Applying maleic hydrazide accurately is crucial to guarantee maximum absorption by the plant, hence, it’s essential to adhere strictly to best practice guidelines to achieve optimum outcomes.

This month’s edition of Potato Storage Insight’s bulletin also includes information on potato storage boxes, details of upcoming potato-centric events, and updates on the inauguration of new potato storage research units by the Crop Storage & Postharvest Solutions (CSPS) consortium at ADAS Boxworth, near Cambridge.

Similar facilities have also been recently finalized at the James Hutton Institute near Dundee. This comes as welcome news to the UK industry, which lost access to storage research facilities following the shuttering of the AHDB site at Sutton Bridge in 2021.

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Source: Potato Storage Insight (PSI)
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