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‘Unlocking the future of agriculture’: Interview with Solynta’s co-founder & CEO Hein Kruyt

Solynta, a Dutch startup co-founded by Hein Kruyt, is revolutionizing agriculture by developing hybrid true potato seeds. This innovative technology provides farmers with a non-GMO, pest-resilient, and sustainable potato option, significantly bolstering the agricultural industry. The company’s mission is to enhance farmers’ livelihoods and contribute to global food security and sustainability.

Solynta’s hybrid potato seeds are disease-free and easy to ship and store, offering a more efficient alternative to traditional tuber-based systems. The company’s innovation unlocks the potential of hybrid breeding in potatoes, enabling the combination of beneficial traits into existing hybrid varieties. These traits include resistance to pests and diseases and tolerance to climate factors like heat, drought, and salinity.

Over the next six years, Solynta aims to increase potato yields by one-third, reduce the need for pesticides by two-thirds, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one-third. The company’s work is particularly relevant in today’s world, given the increasing importance of food security and the need for sustainable agricultural practices.

Solynta’s vision for the future involves hyper-scaling their commercial efforts, aiming to bring their varieties to every part of the world and help farmers produce more with less. The company is also excited about the potential of technologies like gene-editing, AI, and big data in the food-tech space. Solynta’s work is a testament to the power of innovation in addressing global challenges like the food crisis.

Source: EU-Startups. Read the full story here
Author: Antonio L. Escárzaga
Cover photo: Hein Kruyt

Editor & Publisher: Lukie Pieterse

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