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PEI potato wart threat and policy updates: NPC tackles agricultural challenges in latest podcast episode

In a recent episode of “Eye on Potatoes: A Podcast on All Things Potatoes,” the National Potato Council (NPC) delved into pressing agricultural issues during Congress’s annual August recess. The episode, titled “D.C. Update: August Recess, FY24 Spending, 2024 Farm Bill, PEI Potato Wart and more!“, highlights the NPC’s unwavering commitment to addressing challenges faced by the potato industry.

The NPC is actively monitoring amendments to the FY24 Ag Appropriations Bill that could have significant implications for potato growers. The episode underscores the organization’s dedication to ensuring that these amendments align with the best interests of the agricultural community.

Furthermore, the podcast sheds light on the ongoing efforts to draft a new five-year Farm Bill. This legislation, crucial for the agricultural sector, sets the tone for federal farm and food policy. The NPC emphasized the importance of a comprehensive and beneficial bill for potato growers across the nation.

A major concern discussed during the episode is the potential spread of potato wart from Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI) to U.S. farms. The disease, which affects potato crops, poses a significant threat to the U.S. potato industry. The NPC is actively working on strategies to prevent its spread and ensure the safety and productivity of U.S. potato farms.

Listen to the podcast here

Source: National Potato Council (NPC)

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