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Swedish innovation: DUG shakes up plant-based milk market with potato power

In a groundbreaking move, Swedish company DUG has introduced a novel plant-based milk derived from potatoes, setting new standards in the sustainable food industry. Vegconomist discussed all things potato milk with CEO Fredrik Carling, who reveals exciting news about future plans.

Launched in 2021, DUG’s potato milk has already made waves, boasting a production process that requires half the land of oat milk and a staggering 56 times less water than its almond counterpart.

The brainchild behind this innovation, Professor Eva Tornberg of Lund University, Sweden, discovered the unparalleled benefits of potato protein during her research. Not only does it have an impressive amino acid profile, but it also steers clear of the top 14 common allergens, making it a game-changer in the plant-based food sector.

DUG’s unique formula, a patented emulsion of potato and rapeseed oil, offers a creamy and neutral taste, versatile for a range of culinary delights. Responding to consumer feedback, the company recently unveiled an improved recipe, further enhancing its taste and nutritional profile.

As the demand for sustainable and allergen-friendly alternatives surges globally, DUG’s innovative approach positions it at the forefront of this movement.

Having expanded its footprint in the UK market in 2022, DUG has garnered significant media attention, bagging multiple awards. With ambitious plans on the horizon, including international market expansions and new product lines in meat alternatives and ice-cream segments, DUG is poised to redefine the plant-based milk industry.

Source: Vegconomist. Read the full story here
Cover image: Credit DUG via Vegconomist

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