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National Potato Day 2023: Potatoes USA writes a poem dedicated to the potato

Potatoes USA distributed this poem via its emailed newsletter today. August 19 is officially National Potato Day in the US.

In the heart of summer’s golden embrace,
Upon this day of spudly grace,
We gather ‘round in joyful array,
To celebrate potatoes in a special way.
National Potato Day, oh, how you shine,
In twenty twenty-three, a year so fine.
From fields to plates, you travel some miles,
A humble tuber, you make everyone smile.
From mashed to fried, roasted to baked,
In every dish, a nutritious meal you make.
Loaded with topping, a flavor sensation,
On this special day, you’re the star of our nation.
You’re more than a veggie, you’re a versatile friend,
In soups and salads, your charms never end,
And let’s not forget the chips you become,
A crunchy snack enjoyed by everyone.
So here’s to you, dear spud, on this day,
August 19 is a day that we say,
Cheers to you potato, a tuberous sensation,
We raise our forks in exuberant celebration!

~(written with help from ChatGPT)

Source: Potatoes USA
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