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The drive to consolidate potato producers in Britain: Challenges of building a unified voice

In a recent development, potato growers in Britain are being called upon to recognize the significance of a united front. An article from The Scottish Farmer highlighted the pressing need for a robust organization to champion the interests of potato producers as was evident at last week’s Potatoes in Practice event in Dundee.

As Kelly Henaughen reports for The Scottish Farmer, two entities, one targeting seed producers and the other addressing the broader industry’s needs, were in attendance. However, both voiced their frustration at the perceived lack of dedication from many stakeholders.

Despite the clear demand for such an organization, the response from the growers has been lukewarm at best. Two prominent organizations, one catering to seed producers and another serving the broader industry, have voiced their concerns over the tepid commitment levels observed within the sector.

Mike Wilson, the esteemed chair of the Seed Potato Organisation, has been at the forefront of this call to action. He underscored the critical nature of a collective stance, especially when engaging in pivotal discussions with regulatory bodies like the Chemical Regulation Division. Yet, the industry has witnessed a concerning level of apathy from growers, particularly when it comes to financial backing for these organizations.

Source: The Scottish Farmer, Read the full story here
Photo: Credit The Scottish Farmer

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