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British Potato Show to spotlight Haith’s new advanced drying and box handling solutions

The UK’s leading manufacturer of potato handling equipment has announced it is launching several new products at this year’s British Potato show.

Event sponsors Haith Group will unveil its new potato dryer and the latest version of its Queen’s Award-winning Rota-Tip at the November event.

Visitors to the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate will be the first to find out about the Haith ProDry, which uses an innovative fan and belt system to speed up the drying time of potatoes. As well as being quicker than conventional sponge dryers, Haith’s new system eliminates any potential bacteria build-up which can occur in other drying systems.

Haith’s 2024 version of its market-leading Rota-Tip box tippler has been enhanced by introducing an in-feed and out-feed box stacking and de-stacking functionality, which speeds up the box emptying process and dramatically reduces forklift movements.

“We are really looking forward to British Potato Event,” says Rob Highfield, Haith Sales Manager. “We always have a great time in Harrogate meeting people from across the potato industry and giving them a warm Yorkshire welcome to our stand.

“I think we will be busier than ever at this year’s show. Our new potato dryer and the 2024 version of the Rota-tip have been developed in response to customer feedback and so should attract a great deal of interest from people looking for the latest innovations in potato handling.”

Haith’s ProDry will complement the range of sponge roller dryers. The innovative solution conveys washed wet potatoes through a drying tunnel where a combination of fans dry the whole surface area of each tuber.

Haith’s Rota-Tip PRO gently empties potato boxes quickly and reliably, even in harsh conditions. As the tippler is rotated around a centre pivot, the weight of the box is never lifted, and the machine is not put under pressure, which eliminates fatigue or prevents damage to both the machine and the box.

The absence of hydraulics also removes the chance of oil contamination, and as Haith only uses high-efficiency motors, which only run during the tipping sequence, the Rota-Tip offers exceptional power consumption.

The additional box handling functionality allows the operator to place multiple stacks of full boxes into the machine which are then automatically de-stacked and transported to the tipping module. After being emptied, the boxes are then re-stacked for the operator to remove from the line. The advanced system significantly improves efficiency and a reduction in damaged boxes.

To find out more about Haith and its range of vegetable handling equipment, visit the team at British Potato or have a look at, email or call 01302 831 911.

Source: The Haith Group
Photo: Haith at British Potato 2021

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