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Potato tech evolution: Dewulf to unveil groundbreaking potato technology innovations at PotatoEurope 2023

In keeping with the four-yearly tradition, one of the potato sector’s most important trade fairs will soon again be held in Kain (Doornik), Belgium. Dewulf is pleased to announce it will be attending the 2023 edition of Potato Europe and is happy to add that it will be presenting two major innovations to the general public.

The full-liner in potato technology will show visitors an extensive range of machines, both at stand 14 and in the demonstration area.

Unveiling of new innovations

At the Dewulf stand, the new machine in the planting technology category will be the main eye-catcher.

To discover the extensive feature package, you will have to make the trip to Kain, but the manufacturer has already revealed that the machine will bear the name Certa 40 Integral. This cup planter has been designed in keeping with Dewulf’s philosophy of combining soil cultivation, planting and ridging in a single pass. Optimal weight distribution between the tractor, bunker and machine was also a core design principle.

In addition, an attractive addition to the range is also being introduced within the storage domain, specifically among the receiving hoppers.

The MH 241 will now be available with the Scotts Evolution, an innovative cleaning module from the British manufacturer. This product-friendly solution allows users to sift out lots of soil without stones and clods causing problems. The configuration of the demo machine at Potato Europe will include eight Scotts Evolution rollers, followed by seven PU rollers with Clean-Boost.


Since its introduction in late 2020, Dewulf’s Enduro has grown to become a spearhead of the machine builder’s product range. The powerful, 4-row sieving harvester will also be demoed at Potato Europe, once again showcasing its unrivalled cleaning and extreme product-friendliness. Other aspects deserving of attention are its impressive sieving capacity, haulm processing, traction and a large bunker.

Dewulf’s well-established 2-row machine, the RA3060, will also be present on the Doornik fields. The demonstrated machine will be equipped with four sieving webs and two haulm rollers.

As a mainstay of the product range, but then for four rows, the offerings would not be complete without the Kwatro. With this machine, respect for the product achieved with frontal harvesting is at the forefront. The Kwatro in question is fitted with Flexyclean® 2.0, a cleaning module that incorporates advancements developed since the first generation. These include a patented bypass system in combination with 30 axial rollers, which allows you to perfectly accommodate all the local conditions.

The degree of potato cleaning is continuously adjustable from 0 to 100%. Those axial rollers can be tilted by means of a hydraulic cylinder, making them easy to replace and conveniently accessible for daily maintenance. The simple construction and double drive of the Flexyclean® 2.0 ensure a trouble-free harvesting season, even in the most challenging conditions.


In addition to the innovative MH 241 with Scotts Evolution, the MH 241 with double stone and clod separator will also be demonstrated. The latter will be fitted with eight spiral rollers, in combination with a Smart-Pin. The MH is also fitted with six sorting rollers.

The storage line fleet will also include an ML 1980 X-stream store loader – 19 metres long and 80 cm wide. With the Premium filling function, this machine can fill a store fully automatically and in perfect layers, with respect for the product. Beyond that, the use of the short, flat X-stream conveyor increases the processing capacity further, even over a 90° angle.

There are also the MC 1780 & MC 780S conveyors to further guide the product flow. The two ME 100 elevator conveyors round off the range of store loader machines that will be presented.

Source: Dewulf Group
Cover photo: Dewulf Kwatro

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