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Eco-friendly farming:’s new hybrid herbicide sets a new standard

Listen to an audio version of this news story, a pioneering agtech company, just announced the successful launch of its revolutionary hybrid herbicide technology in Canada. This avant-garde method represents the next step in herbicide development, introducing a solution that leaves no residues.

Offering a Myriad of Benefits 

The newly implemented hybrid technology from offers a multitude of advantages. Among them is an increase in desiccation speed, enabling faster and more efficient potato drying. Precision enhancement leads to fewer bacterial infections, which results in high-quality potatoes. Improved tuber uniformity acquires better yields and more effective caliber management.

Weather-Resistant and High Productivity 

Additionally, this innovative solution is weather-resistant, assuring consistent performance regardless of climate conditions. It facilitates extended periods of cultivation and harvest, ensuring higher productivity.

Enhanced Quality and Market Appeal 

The technology also promises top-notch backing quality, safeguarding farmers’ hard work and investments. It helps build perfect potato skin, increasing market appeal, and improves storage quality – ensuring longer shelf life and minimizing post-harvest losses.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient 

It’s worth noting that’s hybrid herbicide is more energy-efficient than mechanical flail methods, making it an eco-friendly choice for farmers. A broad application width of 12 meters allows for quicker ground coverage, and often, the tasks can be completed in one pass due to the technology’s efficiency.

Embracing Organic Practices 

As a cherry on the cake, the technology is 100% organic approved and does not harm soil, aligning with the international push towards environmentally conscious agricultural practices.

Upcoming Showcase at Potato Europe 

The team is set to showcase their leading-edge system at the upcoming Potato Europe event. This major outdoor potato gathering rotates between the core countries of potato cultivation every four years. After previous editions in France, the Netherlands, and Germany, Belgium will play host once again in 2023.

The event, scheduled for September 6-7, 2023, will take place in Kain, near Tournai. Experts in cultivation, materials, processing, and more will be available to address any queries or issues faced by professionals attending the event.


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