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DJI Agriculture Drone Insight Report: A leap towards advanced, smart farming techniques

DJI Agriculture, a global leader in drone technology for agriculture, has released its latest Insight Report for 2022/23. The report reveals a growing acceptance of drone technology in farming practices worldwide, according to a recent press release issued by DJI Agriculture.

Yuan Zhang, Head of Global Sales at DJI Agriculture, stated that the report shows how governments and farmers are increasingly adopting smart farming methods to enhance food production in an eco-friendly manner. The report is divided into several sections, including DJI Agriculture’s work in 2022/23, Global Policy Trends, Agricultural Drone Tests, Innovations in Drone Application, and Best Practices.

Expanding Reach

DJI Agriculture has expanded its reach to over 100 countries, with more than 200,000 drones in operation. The company has also trained 150,000 drone pilots and 2,500 teachers to promote technological agriculture. Governments are revising regulations to accommodate this technology, and DJI’s drones have received airworthiness certification from the CAAC in China.

The drones have been tested for various applications, including pest control and crop yield optimization. There are ongoing discussions globally to establish best practices for drone usage in agriculture.

The Impact on Global Food Security

The report highlights how drone technology can address rising global food prices and food security. By reducing the amount of agricultural chemicals used, drones contribute to both food security and environmental balance.

One large scale potato farmer in Washington State saw an 80% reduction in insect damage by conducting spot spraying on a 60-hectare field.

Innovations and Best Practices

Drones are being used innovatively, from pest control in the Maldives to grape farming and optimizing potato and rice yields. DJI has established the DJI ACADEMY and has carried out agricultural drone training in Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey.

New technology such as the centrifugal nozzle, radar technology and new cameras have been developed to optimize agricultural production management in terms of intelligence, efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

The company is collaborating with chemical companies, universities, and professional institutions to explore best practices in drone usage for agriculture.

Subtitle: Future Prospects

DJI Agriculture will showcase its range of drones and smart farming solutions at AGRITECHNICA 2023. The company aims to create an aerial application ecosystem centered on pesticide optimization, product improvement, technological advancement, and talent growth.

Source: DJI Agriculture. Full news release here
Photo: Credit DJI Agriculture

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