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Weird news: Walkers creates world’s biggest ‘billboard’ by turning 30,000 potato plants into huge advert

Walkers has created the world’s biggest-ever ‘billboard’ – a 73,532 square foot ‘cropvert’ – created in a British potato field. Yorkshire-based potato farmer Tim Rodwell helped the crisp brand turn roughly 30,000 potato plant into its biggest and most unusual campaign to date.

As Sarah Grealish reports for The Sun, the artwork is so big it’s visible from space, and outsizes the biggest standing billboard in the world – which covers 67,382 square feet.

It took a week to hand cut, with drones used to mark out the precise shapes required, before hoeing the crop by hand to spell the message ‘Great Taste Starts Here’, alongside the outline of a packet of Walkers crisps.

The campaign was designed to highlight the brand’s commitment to using 100 per cent British potatoes, which are sustainably grown.

Source: The Sun. Read the full story and watch a video here
Photo: Credit The Sun

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