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Discover the ‘Nex-Gem Lab Former’: Idaho Steel’s pioneering approach to flexible and creative food product development

Idaho Steel Products, a leader in innovative food processing solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest groundbreaking creation – the Nex-Gem Lab Former. According to the company, this state-of-the-art machine is designed to revolutionize the way food product ideas are developed, offering a compact and versatile solution for experimenting with new concepts without the need for large-scale production lines.

The Nex-Gem Lab Former caters to the growing demand for flexible and creative food product development. Its smaller footprint makes it an ideal choice to explore new ideas without committing to extensive resources. By eliminating the barriers of high investment costs, this innovation empowers businesses to drive innovation and diversify their offerings.

One of the standout features of the Nex-Gem Lab Former is its remarkable adaptability. Capable of producing an array of products including puffs, waffles, patties, rings, tots, and plant-based protein alternatives, the machine gives creators the power to bring their visions to life in various forms and sizes.

Whether it’s cylinders, squares, or a custom shape, the Nex-Gem Lab Former can effortlessly accommodate a spectrum of creative potato ideas.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls of the Nex-Gem Lab Former enable swift and hassle-free experimentation. This translates to quicker testing cycles and shorter time-to-market for new products, giving businesses a competitive edge in the dynamic food industry.

Durability and hygienic design are also top priorities for Idaho Steel Products. The Nex-Gem Lab is meticulously engineered using premium materials, ensuring its resilience in the face of daily usage demands. Moreover, its easy-to-clean design guarantees a sanitary production environment, upholding the highest standards of food safety.

“Idaho Steel Products is proud to introduce the Nex-Gem Lab Former – a groundbreaking solution that empowers processors to shape the future of food,” stated Jon Christensen, Vice President of Sales.

“This revolutionary innovation embodies our commitment to fostering creativity and driving food industry advancements. With the Nex-Gem Lab Former, we are confident that businesses can produce captivating products that resonate with consumers and elevate their experiences.”

Idaho Steel Products invites food industry professionals to explore the endless possibilities of the Nex-Gem Lab Former and witness firsthand how it can redefine the art of food innovation at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023, September 11-13th.

Located in the Processing Zone, Booth N-10954, Idaho Steel will showcase the small footprint and large capabilities of the Nex-Gem Lab Former at the Expo.

Source: Idaho Steel Products
Andrea Todd
Images: Courtesy and credit Idaho Steel

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