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Scottish farmers urge resumption of ‘hugely important’ potato trade

NFU Scotland has welcomed the news that the seed potato trade between Scotland and Northern Ireland will re-open on September 30, according to a news story by Alec Jones in The Herald.

Pre-Brexit, Scotland sold an estimated 22,000 tonnes to European customers, but the opening of the so-called “green channels” outlined in the Windsor Framework will allow the resumption of trade with Northern Ireland.

Brexit, however, means that trade with Europe has ceased, leading the union to urge the UK Government to resolve the impasse.

NFU Scotland Vice President Andrew Connon said: “The 30th of September marks the reopening of the Northern Irish market for our high health stock and creates the opportunity for our growers to re-establish links with a place where our Scottish seed potatoes will be in demand.

“But the overnight cessation of trade with Europe was very damaging, so we will continue to lobby both the UK Government and the EU to re-establish this hugely important trading link. Common sense and commercial reality must prevail over political gamesmanship”.

Source: The Herald. Full story here
Photo: Andrew Connon Credit: Newsquest via The Herald

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