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Alberta leads the way: The rise of the potato industry in 2022 highlighted in report

In a groundbreaking report released earlier this year, the Alberta Potato Industry showcased its remarkable growth and contribution to the Canadian economy in 2022. The Potato Growers of Alberta, representing 150 growers, commissioned this study to highlight the industry’s expanding strength and potential for further growth.

The report, entitled – The Alberta Potato Industry – Growing Success in 2022 – outlines the significant growth of Alberta’s potato industry in recent years and documents its economic impact on our economy. reveals that Alberta’s potato industry has experienced robust growth, with significant expansion still underway. The industry’s consistent high yields and available production areas have attracted investments from potato processors and packers catering to both the North American and international markets.

In 2022, the industry contributed a staggering $2.87 billion to the Canadian economy and $2.31 billion to Alberta’s economy. This economic impact resulted in the creation of 9,390 full-time jobs across Canada, with 7,380 of these positions located in Alberta.

Alberta’s potato industry is diverse, with strong sales in seed potatoes, table potatoes, and processed potato products. Notably, Alberta accounts for 60% of Canada’s net international seed potato exports. This dominance is attributed to the high-quality seed potatoes produced in the region and the ability of growers to consistently deliver top-notch products.

The industry’s success is built on collaboration between growers, processors, packers, and industry associates. This united front leverages Alberta’s competitive advantages to produce products that both the industry and consumers desire.

The report also highlighted the province’s potential for further growth, emphasizing the collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit driving the industry’s expansion. With such promising figures and a bright future ahead, Alberta’s potato industry is set to remain a significant contributor to the nation’s economy.

Source: Potato Growers of Alberta. Read the full Alberta Potato Industry Report 2022 here
Image: Credit Potato Growers of Alberta

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