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Potato market booms: Northwestern States in the U.S. see significant sales growth in 2022

The potato market in the Northwestern states of the U.S. has witnessed a substantial surge in 2022, according to a recent report published by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NAAS).

Sales boom

Idaho, renowned for its potatoes, reported a whopping $1.41 billion in sales, marking a 35% increase from the previous year. The average price for Idaho’s potatoes reached $12.50 per cwt, a significant rise of $4.04 from 2021.

Not to be left behind, Oregon’s potato sales touched $245 million, reflecting a 12% growth. The potatoes in the state were priced at an average of $10.30 per cwt, up by $1.28 from the preceding year. Meanwhile, Washington’s potato market flourished with sales valued at $883 million, a 33% jump from 2021, and an average price of $9.88 per cwt, up by $2.13.

Production figures

However, it wasn’t just about the sales. The production figures also told an intriguing story. Idaho’s potato yield for 2022 stood at 121 million cwt, albeit a decrease of 9% from 2021. Oregon produced 25.8 million cwt, slightly down by 2%, while Washington saw an uptick with 95.4 million cwt, a 4% increase from the previous year.

Collectively, these three states contributed to a staggering 61% of the total U.S. potato production in 2022.


On the processing front, Idaho utilized 77 million cwt of its potatoes, while Malheur County in Oregon processed 9.62 million cwt. This combined usage from Idaho and Malheur County marked a 4% increase from 2021. In contrast, Washington and other parts of Oregon processed 60.1 million cwt and 29.6 million cwt respectively, resulting in a 6% decline from the previous year.

Overall, processors across eight states used 220 million cwt of potatoes, a slight dip of 1% from 2021.

The figures highlight the dynamic nature of the potato market in the Northwestern U.S., with both sales and production seeing notable shifts.

Source: USDA/National Agricultural Statistics Service. Full report with detailed statistics here
Photo: Credit Günter Rupprich from Pixabay

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