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World Potato Congress celebrates and highlights potato production breakthroughs in several countries

The World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC) showcases a series of remarkable success stories from various regions on its website, emphasizing the global impact and reach of innovative potato farming practices. These stories highlight the transformative power of collaboration, technology, and sustainable practices in the potato industry.

In Kenya, the potato sector is undergoing a significant transformation. Despite being the second-largest potato producer in sub-Saharan Africa, the country faces challenges such as low yields and post-harvest losses. However, with the government’s support and stakeholder collaboration, there’s a push for the use of certified seeds, improved storage methods, and enhanced market linkages. A notable success has been achieved by FreshCrop Ltd., a potato seed production company. Through the adoption of mechanization, they have significantly scaled up their production, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. Read the full story here.

In Uganda, the Zombo District, located in Northwestern Uganda, has seen a collaborative effort to address challenges faced by small-scale potato farmers. With the support of various local and international partners, initiatives have been launched to introduce good agricultural practices, provide solar-powered mini-irrigation kits, and promote local seed producers. The result? Increased potato productivity, reduced post-harvest losses, and improved market access. Read more about this initiative here.

These stories, along with others from countries like Ethiopia, the Philippines and Yemen, underscore the importance of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing in the potato industry.

The World Potato Congress continues to play a pivotal role in bringing together stakeholders from around the world to share insights, best practices, and success stories.

For more detailed insights and to explore other success stories, visit the World Potato Congress “Around the Globe” page.

Source: World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC)

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