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Should you use DMN in potato stores this season?

Processing potato growers in Britain had a positive experience with a new potato sprout suppressant last year, with the product achieving good sprout control in very challenging circumstances. However, pre-pack growers are worried about its use after treatment in some cold stores and on some varieties was linked to costly tuber defects during its first season of use, as Adam Clarke reports in a news story for Farmers Weekly.

Following its approval in August 2022, 1,4-Sight (1,4-dimethylnaptheline or DMN) was widely used during the 2022-23 storage period and, in most cases, users were very happy with results, particularly in bulk-stored processing varieties held at temperatures of 7-8C.

However, some pre-pack growers saw incidences of external and internal defects in some varieties held in their cold-box stores – typically kept at 3-4C – and fogged with DMN.

Ajay Jina of manufacturer DormFresh, who provides technical support to DMN users across the UK and Europe, says the company is working with businesses to establish if there is a link between the defects and DMN. He adds that the product has been used in cold stores in other countries since 2015 and there have been no problems categorically linked to DMN use.

Source: Farmers Weekly. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit AHDB Horticulture

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