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Scottish crops face climate crisis: Scientists turn to genomics for solutions

In the wake of rising global temperatures, Scotland’s staple crops, including potatoes and raspberries, are under significant threat. These crops, traditionally reliant on cooler climates, are now at the mercy of an increasingly warm environment, writes Dr Robert Hancock of the James Hutton Institute in an article published by The Scotsman.

However, a beacon of hope emerges from the world of science, Dr Hancock writes. Since the groundbreaking identification of a plant’s complete DNA sequence in 2000, scientists have been striving to link these genetic sequences to tangible crop attributes. The recent “phenomic revolution” is set to change the game.

This innovative approach uses advanced automation, imaging, and controlled environments to decipher the relationship between a plant’s DNA and its environmental responses. The James Hutton Institute in Invergowrie is leading this charge with its state-of-the-art Advanced Plant Growth Centre.

As the climate crisis looms, the marriage of genomics and phenomics may just be the key to securing Scotland’s agricultural future.

Source: The Scotsman. Read the full article here

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