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Dutch retailer PLUS taking a green turn? Introducing organic potatoes at regular prices

The Dutch retailer PLUS is reportedly gradually switching to organic potatoes in the fresh segment. The retailer has launched unprocessed organic potatoes in one-kilogram bags, which are priced the same as regular potatoes, according to a news story published by European Supermarket Magazine (ESM) here.

PLUS will reportedly pay the difference in price to farmers, it is said. The potatoes offered by the retailer are part of the so-called Laagblijvers range, which includes everyday products for a permanently low price to make organic food accessible to everyone.

Eric Leebeek, commercial director at PLUS is reported to say, “The fact that we are gradually converting the potato shelf to organic is a conscious choice. Because this gives our growers the time they need to expand their volume of organic potatoes. More organic products means more customers that we reach with organic without increasing the price.”

Source: European Supermarket Magazine (ESM). Read the full story here
Photo: Credit sq lim on Unsplash

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