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Lockwood’s Air Cup Planter: A game-changer in the potato farming industry

In the Columbia Basin of Washington State, Jordan Reed is making a name for himself in the potato farming industry. Annually, Reed cultivates approximately 450 acres of potatoes, in addition to performing custom operations. His secret weapon? The Lockwood Air Cup Planter.

Reed first purchased a Lockwood planter in 2017, and in 2022, he upgraded to the Lockwood Air Cup Planter. The decision to switch to the Air Cup Planter was driven by the need for increased efficiency and speed as his custom operations expanded.

“The Air Cup Planter allowed us to eliminate the need for another planter,” Reed explained. “We didn’t have to set up another tractor or employ another planter operator. The efficiency and speed gains have been huge for us.”

The Air Cup Planter’s low maintenance requirements and fuel efficiency have also impressed Reed. He praised the planter’s accuracy at high speeds, stating that it has significantly reduced his concerns about covering ground each day.

Lockwood’s commitment to innovation and technology has also won Reed’s approval. The Air Cup Planter features individual row shut-offs, which increase seed efficiency. “They’re always updating and keeping up with technology,” Reed said of Lockwood. “This planter has row shut-offs, so each row shuts off individually as we come out the end of the field. It’s more efficient with seed that way.”

Reed’s experience with other brands has only solidified his preference for Lockwood and their Air Cup Planter. “As far as accuracy and speed, there’s no comparison,” he said. “They’ve been great throughout the process of buying this planter and getting it set up and running.”

When asked if he would recommend the Air Cup Planter to other potato growers, Reed didn’t hesitate. “Absolutely,” he said. “It’s a no-brainer. I just enjoy working with Lockwood and watching them grow.”

In an industry where efficiency and accuracy can make or break a season, Reed’s endorsement of Lockwood’s Air Cup Planter speaks volumes. As more farmers look for ways to streamline their operations and increase yield, it’s likely that many will follow in Reed’s footsteps and turn to Lockwood for their planting needs.

Source: Lockwood Manufacturing
Photo: The Lockwood 608 S-series Air Cup Planter. Credit Lockwood Mfg

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