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Potato imports from the UK delayed from entering the Canary Islands

Potato imports from the UK to the Canary Islands are facing significant delays due to a shortage of inspection staff at the ports of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, according to a news report by the Canarian Weekly.

This inspection requirement was introduced after larvae from Colorado potato beetles was detected in the UK, leading to a temporary suspension of British potato imports.

Although the imports resumed three weeks ago, the Canary Islands mandate that all arriving potatoes undergo strict phytosanitary measures. In the UK, farmers must ensure that the soil accompanying the potatoes is less than 1% when shipped to the islands.

Upon arrival in the Canary Islands, the containers must pass through the Border Inspection Point (PIF) for compliance checks. However, due to staff shortages at the PIFs, many containers are returned without inspection. The Canary Islands’ measures will remain in place until the UK is free from the beetle infestation detected in Kent.

Source: Canarian Weekly. Full story here
Photo: Credit Canarian Weekly

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