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Revolutionizing PCN management: The power of solanaceous trap crops unveiled

CHAP (Crop Health and Protection Ltd), one of four UK Agri-Tech innovation centres, is set to unveil novel research on solanaceous trap crops (STCs) and their potential in potato cyst nematode (PCN) management. The revelation comes as part of the DeCyst project consortium, a DEFRA-funded initiative now in its second year.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, 31st October 2023, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at James Foskett Farms Ltd Low Farm, located in Bromeswell Woodbridge. Attendees are in for a treat with a complimentary lunch and free admission to the event. Furthermore, attendees can earn Basis points, a testament to the event’s significance in the agricultural community. Register your interest to attend here.

How to maximise the benefits of solanaceous trap crops

As the agricultural industry faces challenges with the potential loss of key chemical solutions for PCN management, the DeCyst project consortium aims to provide alternative and sustainable solutions. The open day will address key questions surrounding the adoption of STCs into crop rotation and how to maximize their benefits.

Experts from Produce Solutions, Harper Adams University, and VCS Potatoes will guide attendees through the consortium’s second-year field trials. The showcase will highlight:

  • Two innovative STC products: DeCyst™; Prickly and Broadleaf.
  • The crucial role of pre and post-emergence herbicides in ensuring successful DeCyst™ crop establishment.
  • An in-depth discussion on DeCyst™ seed-rates, drilling methods, and nutrition.

The future of sustainable farming

With the agricultural industry at a crossroads, innovations like the DeCyst project consortium’s research on STCs offer a promising glimpse into the future of sustainable farming.

According to CHAP, “this is a pivotal moment for the future of PCN management. We’re excited to share our findings and engage in meaningful discussions on the potential of STCs.”

For those interested in attending the event, registration is now open. Any queries regarding the event can be directed to Nicole Clappinson at

Source: CHAP (Crop Health and Protection Ltd)
Photo: Experts from Produce Solutions guiding attendees through a DeCyst-Prickly (solanum sysimbriifolium) trap crop demonstration.

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