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Resilient Irish and UK potato markets amidst challenging harvesting conditions, brighter picture in Europe

After a tumultuous period following the pandemic, potato retail sales and home consumption in Ireland have shown resilience, with figures indicating a strong and stable market, according to information published in the latest potato market report from the Irish Farmers Association (IFA). This stability comes as a welcome sign for the industry, which has faced its fair share of challenges in recent times.

Earlier this week, a brief spell of calm weather allowed farmers to commence their harvesting activities. However, this was short-lived as torrential rains soon followed, bringing all harvesting operations to a standstill. Cork was among the hardest hit, with reports of exceptionally heavy downpours causing concerns for local farmers.

As November looms, the agricultural community braces itself for even more challenging harvesting conditions. The wet weather is expected to lead to increased losses, adding to the woes of the farming sector.

Across the Irish Sea, the U.K and Scotland are grappling with similar challenges. Harvesting has proven to be particularly difficult, with only about 60% of ware clearance reported in Scotland. The pressing concern now is the race against time to harvest the crops before the onset of colder weather.

In contrast, mainland Europe paints a slightly brighter picture for potato farmers. Northern France, for instance, has seen a successful harvesting season, with clearance rates reaching up to 70%. Additionally, reports suggest that the yields have been promising.

As the industry navigates these testing times, the hope is that the resilience shown by the Irish market will be mirrored across regions, ensuring a steady supply of potatoes for consumers.

Source: Irish Farmers Association (IFA). Original report here
Photo: Credit Michael Burrows from Pexels

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