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Unveiling sustainable farming techniques: RegenAG Nation’s RANCON 2023 Conference highlights

RegenAG Nation, a prominent voice in the regenerative agriculture community, has announced its upcoming conference, RANCON 2023, scheduled for November 1st in Boise, Idaho. The event promises to challenge conventional farming practices and introduce innovative regenerative techniques that can bring immense value to farms.

Brad McIntyre, a farmer with over a century-old legacy in the Caldwell area, is one of the featured speakers. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from BYU Idaho, McIntyre returned to his family farm, eager to implement regenerative practices. Today, his farm boasts lush green cover crops and reintroduced livestock, testifying to his commitment to sustainable farming and soil health.

Jim Pingrey, with over two decades of experience as a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) and Pest Control Advisor (PCA), will also grace the stage. Having worked with Kusa Farm Supply and later founding JRP Consulting, Pingrey has extensive knowledge about integrating liquid and dry soil amendments to enhance soil health.

Another highlight is Sujay Senrayan from Ecostat Technologies, a company dedicated to producing safe and natural products for plant protection. Senrayan’s passion lies in creating a sustainable future for farming, emphasizing the importance of biopesticides in safeguarding plants from pests and diseases.

The University of Idaho’s Parma Research Station team will share insights from their 2023 trial season, focusing on the growing trend of biological protection and yield-boosting products. They will also discuss the results of trials conducted in collaboration with RegenAG Nation.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion featuring members from RegenAG Nation, where attendees can pose questions about regenerative agriculture.

RegenAG Nation encourages all interested parties to sign up for the conference and join the movement towards a more sustainable and profitable farming future.

For more information and to register, go here.

Source: RegenAG Nation

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