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Potato surplus leads to massive spud dump in the Northwest of the U.S.

In an unexpected turn of events, the Northwest has witnessed a significant surplus of potatoes, primarily used for making French fries. According to a report by Anna King from NW News Network, this overproduction has led to a massive “spud dump” across the region.

Dale Lathim, President of the Potato Marketing Association of North America, said “It is disheartening, obviously when you produce a crop you want to take advantage of all you can produce.” Lathim said farmers eagerly planted more spuds this year than last. That all totals up to a big potato glut. Now, massive amounts of spuds must be destroyed: 165,000 tons of them.

As a result, farmers are now faced with the challenge of managing the excess stock, which could lead to potential financial losses. This problem will likely carry over to next year’s farmers’ woes. That’s because 10% more potatoes from this year will be used next year by major potato processors.

Source: NW News Network. Read the full story here
Photo: Potatoes, fresh from the field, bump onto a belt before being transferred to a storage shed outside of Boardman, Oregon. Credit and courtesy Anna King / Northwest News Network

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