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Witty moments: A glimpse into life and parenting with a twist of humor

Dear Readers: In the world we live in today, marked by ugly conflicts and the heart-wrenching reality of children suffering and dying in wars as you are reading this, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disheartened. Yet, amidst this grim backdrop, there are always pockets of joy, humor, and hope that can lift our spirits. It’s essential to find and cherish these moments, reminding us of the brighter side of life, even in the darkest of times.

Recently, I stumbled upon a delightful TwitterX account, named “I Might Be Funny – Honest observations on life and parenting” (@imightbefunny1). The account is curated by a self-proclaimed Mom ❤ Humorist 😄 Author 📚 who humorously admits to “pouring milk before cereal and always believed a sloth was a mythical creature until the age of 42.” Well, if that doesn’t pique your curiosity, I don’t know what will… Her name is Janene.

In addition to her Twitter presence, Janene runs a website under the same moniker. While browsing the website, I came across a gem of an article titled “Out of the Mouths of Babes: 25 Hilarious Quips From Kids“. It was an instant mood-lifter! Below are a few quips to tickle your funny bone, but for the full experience, I highly recommend visiting Janene’s website.

Graham Kritzer (@GrahamKritzer) – “Waitress: Cops, and kids 5 and under eat for free. Me, discreetly nudging my 6 year-old. My 6 year-old: I’m a police…” – October 12, 2022

Mummy Dear (@ThatMummyLife) – “My 4yo pretended she was a hired cleaner yesterday. As she helped me clean she asked if I had any kids. After telling her about my 2 I asked if she had any of her own. Turns out she has 5 kids and has been married to a man named Carlin for 30 years. You think you know someone…” – November 14, 2022

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) –
“Me: Who made this mess? 8-year-old: Not me. 6-year-old:
Not me. 4-year-old: Not me. 3-year-old: A horse. I saw it.
I have a suspect.” – May 5, 2019

Ellie Hawkes (@elspells13) – “6yo (to her crying brother): “It’s okay to be sad dear – sometimes we need to let our feelings out, just let yourself be sad.” Me: “Oh darling, that’s so lovely, well done. Why is he crying?” 6yo: “I hit him.” #mumlife” – August 23, 2021

MumInBits (@MumInBits) – “5 asked me if I’ve ever been to jail and when I said no, she said “Wow, not even for your cooking?”” – September 26, 2022

MumInBits (@MumInBits) – “5 was in bed for a while then she yelled ‘mummy come here‘ and I yelled back ‘why?’ then she yelled ‘I haven’t thought of a reason yet‘” – August 3, 2022

Cydni Beer (@cydbeer) – “Me, sternly: ‘Tell me what you did wrong?!’ Toddler, sobbing: ‘I got caught.'” – February 11, 2019

mark (@TheCatWhisprer) – “I was getting mad in traffic earlier and my 3-year-old said ‘all you can do is calm down and let the cars go’ – and now I have a therapist.” – March 9, 2019

Holly Ballantine (@HollyBallantine) – “My daughter said she can’t wait to have kids. I asked her why and she said “so they can bring me stuff when it’s in another room.”” – March 19, 2022

NicholasG (@Dad_At_Law) – “Daughter now refusing fruit for breakfast, saying she doesn’t “like sweet things in the bitter morning” – so I guess it’s safe to say that 3rd grade is when reality first kicks in.” – May 26, 2021

Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) – “Whenever I get discouraged
and want to quit something, I remember the words of my then
3 year-old after she puked carrots all over the living room floor:
‘I’m gonna need more carrots.'” – January 18, 2021

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) – “5-year-old: Do I have to fall in love someday? Me: No. 5: Good. I have stuff to do.” – March 7, 2020

NicholasG (@Dad_At_Law) – “Told my daughter work was tough today and she patted my back and said, ‘Life isn’t always pickles and peaches,’ like some kind of 3rd Grade Confucius.” – March 19, 2021

Marcy G (@BunAndLeggings) – “My 5-year-old: “how bout we go to Target. You get yourself a drink or whatever you want and buy me a toy.” She knows how to work the system.” – June 9, 2022

Ally (@TragicAllyHere) – “My 5 yo after I explained the concept of breastfeeding: “can you squeeze Capri Suns outta those things or just milk?”” – January 23, 2016

Al (@AliceTaylorM) – “I was singing You Are My Sunshine to my 3 year old and he told me he hates that song. I said that’s a shame because I use to sing it to him when he was in my tummy before he was born and he looked me dead in the eyes and said ‘I hated it then too‘.” – December 12, 2021

Source:I Might Be Funny – Honest observations on life and parenting
Cover image: NicholasG (@Dad_At_Law) – “Watching a documentary on Ancient Egypt when my 5 y/o stops in front of the TV, drops her jaw and says, ‘THEY WROTE ON WALLS? You’re not supposed to write on walls!'” – August 4, 2022. Credit @imightbefunny1. All images on this page produced by Potato News Today.

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