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Agritechnica 2023: Dewulf to unveil its range of cutting-edge harvesting machines

This year, the world’s largest agricultural trade fair will once again grace the familiar exhibition halls of Hanover, Germany, for eight days. Dewulf, a full-liner in machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, plans to bring a balanced mix of machines to this edition.

As always, they look forward to interacting with visitors. The machines on display – a box filler, a planter, and a potato and carrot harvester – will be available for close inspection at stand G23 in Hall 25 from 12 to 18 November.

Dewulf’s new box filler: the MB 34

At the 19th edition of Agritechnica, the successor to the Miedema MB 33 will be presented to the general public for the first time.

Beyond its new look, the MB 34 boasts many innovations. For starters, the extremely quiet machine, suitable for box lengths from 120 to 260 cm, is fully electrically driven.

It also features a 4.3-inch screen, familiar from the ML 80 series, for adjusting settings such as the product detection distance. The filling conveyor, equipped with tracking belts, can move proportionally based on the filling capacity.

The well-known strengths of the MB series, including product friendliness, capacity, and low power consumption, remain intact.

Certa 40 Integral presented for the first time indoors

The new complete solution within Dewulf’s planting technology, the Certa 40 Integral, will be showcased at the stand. This machine, which combines soil cultivation, planting, and ridging in one pass, will be presented in the following version:

  • The cultivator’s nine large wheels support the machine’s weight and provide automatic working depth control. Consequently, they ensure adequate carrying capacity even in light and/or loose soil.
  • The cultivator is an evolution of the SC 300 Compact. Additionally, the new web is of top quality, and the rotor shaft comes with thicker flanges. The cultivator features an angle sensor on the rear board, which controls the cylinders for the nine depth wheels.
  • The machine’s superstructure, namely the 3.5-tonne bunker and the planting elements, form a cohesive unit. They can optionally be equipped with weighing cells. The planting elements are an enhanced version of the well-established CP elements. Notably, the planting tube can adjust to fit the tuber size, and each planting element has individual hydraulic drives. This design makes it simple to create spray tracks, and variable planting is achievable.
  • The opener beam is attached in a parallelogram equipped with cylinders, allowing easy adjustment of the planting depth from the cabin.
  • The covering discs, with a diameter of 410 mm, are each fixed to their suspension arm. The discs for every pair of rows connect to a central hollow section using a top link, and the pressure on these discs can be adjusted from the side.
  • Every component of the control system, from the control box to the software, communicates via ISOBUS. This proprietary system can be paired with a 12-inch Topcon touchscreen and joystick.

Enduro: Cross-Pollination of Know-How and Innovation

Along with the Enduro, Dewulf will also showcase their 4-row self-propelled harvester on tires, which delivers unprecedented performance on three axles. This harvester represents a balanced blend of years of expertise in harvesting engineering and innovative technology.

Among its features, it offers an excellent sieving capacity combined with an infinitely adjustable inclination of the cleaning module. With a selectable range from 0 to 12 degrees, the driver can adjust the cleaning capacity of this module from the cabin as desired. The axial module showcases remarkable flexibility, as it can be bypassed at any inclination angle.

Boasting a substantial capacity of nine tonnes, the 4-row machine’s two-part bunker is the largest in its market segment. Additionally, the machine exhibits impressive ground pressure figures (max. 1.8 kg/cm²) thanks to the Soil-Saver technology.

The Enduro ensures an optimal harvesting experience through its user-friendly control unit, ergonomic N-Joystick, and large, intuitive screen.

P3K Profi

The 1-row mounted top lifting harvester with a discharge elevator, known as the P3K Profi, guarantees a minimal falling height for the product due to a separate cross conveyor beneath the knives. It also ensures optimal filling of the 3-row discharge elevator.

This 3-point linked top lifting harvester comes equipped with the unique, maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive’. With this feature, two heavy-duty plate wheels ensure perfect synchronization of the knives. This design significantly enhances its harvesting capacity, while still maintaining a high-quality end product.

Source: Dewulf

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