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Irish and UK potato harvests face unprecedented challenges amid wet weather

In a year marked by extreme weather conditions, Ireland and the UK are grappling with one of the most challenging potato harvest seasons on record. Persistent heavy rain and flooding have wreaked havoc on the sector, with over 60% of crops still in the ground in Ireland and similar conditions halting harvesting in the UK.

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) reports that despite the adverse weather, retail demand and home consumption of potatoes remain robust in Ireland. However, the difficult conditions have led to significant losses, with flooded drills and the forecast of more wet weather indicating further inevitable losses.

The situation mirrors that in the UK, where wet weather has also stalled harvesting efforts. Despite these challenges, buyers report a steady demand in the markets for quality samples, and delivered-in prices are holding with more confidence.

The weather has also impacted the export of potatoes to the Canaries. While movement continues at recent pricing, there have been rejections where inspectors consider soil content to be above tolerance levels.

The current weather conditions underscore the challenges faced by the agricultural sector, even as consumer demand remains robust4. The situation is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of food production to climate change and extreme weather events.

As the weather continues to pose significant challenges, farmers and the wider industry will need to adapt and innovate to ensure the sustainability of potato production. This could include exploring new farming techniques, investing in weather-resistant crop varieties, and advocating for supportive policies and infrastructure.

The current situation is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of our food systems to climate change and extreme weather events. As we move forward, it will be crucial to build resilience into these systems to ensure food security in the face of a changing climate.

Source: Irish Farmers Association (IFA). Original report here
Photo: Credit Ralf from Pixabay

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