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Ensuring safe potato storage: CRMG calls for grower support in CIPC data collection initiative

The CIPC Residues Monitoring Group (CRMG) in the UK is a cross-industry body which has been set up by the UK potato industry. It will be looking to satisfy the data submission requirements of the Health & Safety Executive’s Chemical Regulation Division (CRD) for measurement of chlorpropham (CIPC) residues in potatoes held in British potato stores previously treated with CIPC.

CRMG Chair, Adrian Cunnington, said: “”This need has arisen from a decision made by CRD to monitor residues of CIPC, a product that is no longer in use in the UK. It is incumbent on everyone in the industry to ensure that the data CRD has requested are provided so that potato stores previously treated with CIPC can continue to be used safely. If the data are not supplied, all stores with a CIPC treatment history are at risk of being taken out of use.”

CMRG has already been given pan-industry support from the following organisations who have offered to sit on the Group: GB Potatoes, UK Potato Processors Association, Fresh Potato Suppliers Association, National Farmers Union, National Association of Agricultural Contractors (Postharvest Group), Certis Belchim B.V, UPL, CS Backhouse, Isle of Ely Potatoes, Potato Storage Insight and SA Consulting.

Now, the Group is seeking the co-operation of growers and suppliers from all production sectors to provide residue data from compliance sampling for over 120 potato stores annually to meet the CRD data requirement.

Any growers willing to supply CIPC residue data from crops held in stores with a CIPC history (note all data will be submitted anonymously), are asked to email or contact any CRMG Group member. A data submission form will then be issued to send in with a copy of your lab result.

Mark Taylor, Chair of GB Potatoes and FPSA, said: “The CRMG is an excellent example of where the industry needs to come together to tackle an issue that affects us all. We need everyone to do their bit for the common good.”

The Group will act in the interests of the whole of the UK potato industry to ensure that the data submitted meets the quantitative and qualitative standards expected by CRD with the aim of maintaining the new temporary Maximum Residue Level (tMRL) for CIPC through its annual review process, for an initial period of five years proposed by CRD.

Source: CIPC Residues Monitoring Group (CRMG)
Adrian Cunnington can be reached at or call 07970 072260.
Photo: Credit AHDB

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