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Latin America: Uruguay’s potato industry’s family-owned leader shines as a seed potato producer

Vicentina S.A., a family-owned leader in Uruguay’s potato industry, boasts a storied legacy exceeding half a century. The company is renowned for cultivating one of the nation’s most expansive potato fields, setting exemplary quality benchmarks for fellow cultivators.

Pioneering advancements within the sector, Vicentina has expanded into the significant arena of seed potato production, notably collaborating as representatives for esteemed international entities such as the Dutch firm STET and Scotland’s Cygnet.

“Our ambitions transcend national boundaries, fostering growth regionally and globally on the bedrock of innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and trust,” Alessandro Mietto, co-founder and partner of Vicentina S.A., said in an interview with Potato News Today.

Redefining industry standards

Mietto emphasized the company’s dynamic approach: “We are committed to redefining industry standards, eschewing conventional methods, and ceaselessly pursuing novel and impactful potato production techniques.”

Recently, Vicentina S.A. hosted the much-anticipated Vicentina Potato Day in Uruguay. This annual gathering has become a cornerstone for the country’s agricultural sector, taking place on the company’s farm and uniting enthusiasts who share a passion for potato cultivation.

The event fostered a convivial environment where growers and clients from various regions convened to exchange insights and experiences, underscoring the vital role of cooperation in the agricultural realm. Participants explored the fields, observing the Stet Holland potato varieties that Vicentina distributes within Uruguay.

Potato Field Day a conduit for learning and advancement

“Our recent Potato Field Day transcends a mere gathering; it’s a festival of our collective commitment to the potato industry,” remarked Alessandro Mietto, co-founder and partner of Vicentina.

Vicentina Potato Field Day

“It’s a conduit for connection, mutual learning, and the pursuit of innovation.”

More than showcasing products, the day served as a conduit for learning and advancement. Discussions delved into avant-garde cultivation methods, emerging potato varieties, and eco-friendly farming practices.

The hashtag #STET became a recurring motif, encapsulating the shared pursuit of excellence among the participants.

As the event unfolded, it underscored the humble potato’s significant role in nutrition and economic growth. The Vicentina Potato Day stood as a tribute to the farmers’ dedication and visionaries like Alessandro Mietto, who see the potato’s potential to revolutionize livelihoods and communities.

In a time where collaborative effort is key to advancement, occasions like the Vicentina Potato Day shine as a beacon of optimism and motivation. With a foundation of collective wisdom and respect, the agricultural community is well-equipped to surmount obstacles and carve pathways to a more sustainable future.

Source: Vicentina S.A.
Alessandro Mietto, co-founder and partner of Vicentina S.A.

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