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The future of potato breeding: Royal HZPC’s revolutionary universal variety set a game-changer

In a groundbreaking move for agricultural science, the Royal HZPC Group has announced the launch of a universal potato variety set, a first in potato research, introduced on Friday, November 3, 2023. This set is poised to revolutionize the way academic institutions conduct basic research on potatoes, offering a simplified and more rapid approach to understanding this staple crop.

Starting January 1, 2024, academic institutions across the European Union will be able to access this unique variety set, which boasts an unparalleled level of genetic diversity in in vitro plantlets. The initiative is expected to provide a significant boost to research efforts, offering a wealth of advantages to scientists delving into the complexities of potato breeding.

Feeding the world’s population

The Royal HZPC Group, a leading potato breeder, has long been committed to feeding the world’s burgeoning population through sustainable potato varieties. The release of the universal variety set is a strategic move aligned with the company’s mission to support and stimulate research in the field.

Stan Oome, the Program Leader of Molecular Biology at Royal HZPC, emphasized the comprehensive nature of the set, which includes genetic information, genotyping, and pre-made crosses. This approach is set to save researchers a considerable amount of time and resources, allowing them to leverage the company’s expertise in tetraploid genetics and advanced breeding tools.

Stan Oome further explained the rationale behind sharing their knowledge base, stating, “Our goal is to expand the collective understanding of this vital crop to bolster the global food supply. In the face of a rapidly evolving world, fostering collaboration is more crucial than ever.”

Significant leap forward in agricultural science

With this initiative, Royal HZPC Group is extending an invitation to all academic institutions within the EU to join in this unique endeavor.

The universal potato variety set by Royal HZPC Group represents a significant leap forward in agricultural science, offering a new lens through which to view and enhance the humble potato.

Institutions eager to be at the forefront of this scientific advancement can learn more and gain access to the variety set by visiting

Source: Royal HZPC Group

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