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‘Sorry, but not all hash browns are created equal’: The Australian frozen hash brown showdown

In a recent culinary showdown, The Guardian’s Nicholas Jordan embarked on a mission to crown the best frozen hash brown available in Australian supermarkets. The taste test, which Jordan likened to a “potato festival,” involved a panel of potato aficionados who rated eight different products on texture, flavor, and appearance.

From crunchy wonders to literal flops, Nicholas Jordan reveals which frozen shredded-potato products make the cut.

The clear winner emerged as Birds Eye Golden Crunch Potato Gems, praised for their perfect balance of a crunchy exterior and soft interior, along with a highly snackable salty taste. Despite not technically being a hash brown, these potato gems were deemed superior due to their increased surface area, which allows for a crispier outcome.

Birds Eye also took the title for the best value for money with their Golden Crunch Hash Browns, the only product found in the classic rectangle shape. These hash browns offered a decent level of crispness and a chewy interior, although they were a bit starchier in flavor compared to others.

McCain Quick Cook Hash Browns were noted for their truth in advertising, delivering on their promise of crunchiness and faster cooking time. However, they surprisingly didn’t taste as salty as expected, despite having the highest sodium content among the products tested.

Seasons Pride Potato Jewels from Aldi surprised the panel with their strong, farm-like aroma, attributed to the use of onion powder and white pepper. Their crunchiness earned them a high rating despite a slightly gloopy interior.

The rest of the lineup included McCain’s classic hash browns, which were disappointingly lacking in crunch, Potato Utopia’s aesthetically pleasing but soup mix-flavored hash browns, Woolworths Australian Potato Minis that failed to deliver the promised crunch, and Strong Roots Sweet Potato Hash Browns, which were unanimously deemed inedible by the taste testers.

This taste test revealed that not all hash browns are created equal, with crunchiness being the crucial factor in separating the delectable from the disappointing. It seems that when it comes to frozen potato products, the quest for the perfect crunch continues.

Source: The Guardian. Original story here
Photo: Credit Isabella Moore/The Guardian

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