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Senior IFA official: Potato harvest in Ireland ‘worst in recent memory’

A senior IFA official in Donegal has said this year’s potato harvest is the worst he has seen since 1985, according to a news report by the Donegal News. Describing this year’s potato season as being a “complete shocker”, Donegal’s Potato Chairman, Donald Logue said 1985 was the only other year he remembers being a complete “wash out”.

“Ground is more or less nearly at its capacity regards to the water it can hold. …Down the country, there are places where fields of potatoes are just completely flooded and I would say if there is anything left in the drills it will be a salvage situation,” he said.

Taking into account the high inputs at the beginning of the year, the price of fertiliser, diesel and the price of land if you are renting, Donald said if farmers break even this year they will be doing “very, very well”.

“They talk about the humble potato, but it is very dear to put on your plate,” Mr. Logue said.

Source: Donegal News. Read the full story here
Photo: Farm machinery in a field near Burt as it tries to harvest potatoes in the very waterlogged field. Credit Donegal News

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