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Maine potato farmers report good yields despite wet season

The fact that potatoes are more than three-quarters water may have offset some challenges for Aroostook farmers during this year’s wet and unpredictable growing season, writes Paula Brewer in a news story published by The County.

With the 2023 crop in storage, northern Maine growers are now packing potatoes to send them to market or to be processed into chips, french fries and other foods.

Aroostook County’s vast area produces about 90 percent of Maine’s potatoes, and had remarkable yields in 2021 and 2022. Potatoes brought in $258 million both years. Keeping that momentum going is crucial for survival in a climate that keeps changing. 

“Potatoes are 80 percent water, so they grow well when they’re well watered,” said Noah Winslow, sales and marketing representative at Caribou’s Irving Farms, noting the wet weather had little effect on the crop. “Our yields were very much on par with the last couple of years, which were tremendous years.”

Source: The County. Read the full story here
Photo: Crews harvest potatoes at Guerrette Farms in Caribou on Oct. 3. Credit Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald

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