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BP2023: Evolution Separator and Trinity haulm toppers take center stage amidst challenging weather conditions

In the wake of unprecedented weather challenges impacting UK agriculture, Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd is set to exhibit its cutting-edge machinery at the upcoming British Potato 2023 (BP2023) event in Harrogate. The full show directory can be viewed here.

The company, renowned for its innovative approach to root crop harvesting and cleaning systems, will be showcasing its advanced Evolution Separator and the versatile Trinity range of haulm toppers. Visitors will find them at booth 180/OS12.

Innovative Cleaning with the Evolution Separator

The Evolution Separator, a cornerstone of Scotts’ product lineup, has been designed to meet the rigorous demands of root crop and vegetable cleaning. This year, the range has received significant upgrades, enhancing both performance and maintenance efficiency.

The separator is adept at gently removing clods, stones, haulm, and loose soil from a variety of crops, including potatoes, onions, carrots, and more. Its unique design features contra-rotating rollers that effectively separate debris, ensuring minimal crop loss and maximum purity.

Enhanced Crop Management with Trinity Haulm Toppers

Trinity 22B

In addition to the Evolution Separator, Scotts will also be showcasing its Trinity range of haulm toppers. These toppers are known for their adaptability and precision, catering to various root crop requirements.

The Trinity series includes several models, such as the Trinity 22B, 30B, 36B, 54B, and the 6000, each designed for specific row configurations and crop types.

This range underscores Scotts’ commitment to providing solutions that enhance crop management and yield optimization.

Presentation by Derek Scott

Derek Scott

Derek Scott, the Managing Director of Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd, will be presenting at the event.

His presentation will focus on the importance of pre-cleaning harvested potatoes, a process made even more crucial by the current adverse weather conditions affecting crop harvests in the UK.

Derek’s insights are expected to provide valuable knowledge to farmers and industry professionals grappling with these challenges.

Dedicated to advancing agricultural technology

Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd’s participation in BP2023 is a testament to their dedication to advancing agricultural technology and supporting farmers during challenging times. Their display of the Evolution Separator and Trinity haulm toppers is eagerly anticipated by industry professionals and attendees, who are looking forward to discovering solutions that can help mitigate the impact of the current weather conditions on crop harvesting.

Source: Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd
Derek Scott, Managing Director
Mobile: 07831 757283
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Cover image: Scotts’ Evolution Separator

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