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IFA reports that potato harvesting woes are ongoing in Ireland and across Europe

In a recent update from the Irish Farmers Association (IFA), it has been revealed that despite robust home consumption and retail sales, the potato market is facing significant challenges due to adverse weather conditions. The IFA’s weekly potato market report highlights that some dryer weather this week may offer a brief opportunity for harvesting, but overall conditions remain difficult.

Farmers across Ireland are grappling with yields that are reportedly below average. The situation is not unique to Ireland, as similar difficulties are being experienced across Europe. The IFA report indicates that potato lifting has become an arduous task in many European countries. In a significant development, it is now confirmed that over 5% of the seed crop in Holland is still in the ground, a clear indicator of the severity of the situation.

Furthermore, there are seeds of late varieties yet to be harvested in Germany. Recent estimates suggest that a staggering 20% of the total potato crop in Holland remains unharvested. Experts believe that it would require a week to ten days of dry weather before conditions improve sufficiently to allow for effective harvesting.

The situation is equally grim in other major potato-producing countries such as Germany, France, and Belgium. Combined, these countries have an estimated 3.5 to 4 million tonnes of potatoes still to be harvested. Much of this unharvested crop is located in coastal areas, which have recently experienced heavy rainfall, further exacerbating the harvesting challenges.

This report from the IFA sheds light on the complexities facing the potato market in Europe. With a significant portion of the crop still in the ground and adverse weather conditions persisting, the market is likely to remain under pressure in the coming weeks.

Source: Irish Farmers Association (IFA). Original report here
Photo: Credit Shiwa Yachachin on Pexels

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