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‘DIGging deep’: Scottish tech firm harvests success at Potato Industry Awards with innovative management platform

Dundee-based tech firm Tayfusion Digital has clinched the ‘Best Innovation – 22/23‘ award at the prestigious British Potato Industry Awards in late November. The honour was bestowed in recognition of the company’s DIG (Data Intelligence for Growers) data management platform. This sophisticated and ever developing software is proving a huge boon to seed and ware potato growers and merchants across the UK.

At the core of DIG Potatoes’ offerings is a comprehensive data management and stock control platform specifically designed for the potato industry. This system encompasses a range of functionalities, from crop husbandry and test dig recording to sales, invoicing, and future planning.

Streamlining the process of potato production

Developed in partnership with industry experts, DIG Potatoes’ solution aims to streamline the entire process of potato farming and sales, providing growers with a tool to plan, grow, and sell their crops with increased confidence and efficiency.

Mark Mander, the founder and CTO of Tayfusion, reflects on the journey to develop the sophisticated software: “Little did we know that a chat with Tim Fletcher of J&E Smillie Ltd (JES), five years ago would bring us to this milestone. Tim was adamant at the time that the ad hoc and cumbersome prevailing system of managing the real-time life cycle of growing, monitoring, harvesting, assessing, stock managing, and selling potatoes was a nightmare.”

This collaboration, initially bolstered by a significant SMART: SCOTLAND grant, led to the development of DIG with the help of UK merchants and traders, making it a robust, dynamic platform.

A robust and comprehensive tool

Mander adds, “The system was originally developed as a robust and comprehensive tool for stock control, quality control, finance, and overall data management for the seed potato industry, which Scotland is particularly famous for.

“Since then, we have extended the scope of the platform to cover forecasting, quick trading of ware crops, pool pricing, export management & consignment planning, and much more.

“Most recently, support for UK quality control passports has been added allowing farms to complete their customer passports using the DIG App.”

By integrating a wide range of functionalities, DIG Potatoes’ digital solutions offer an end-to-end management system for the potato industry, ensuring compliance with relevant UK & EU legislation and enhancing overall productivity and sustainability in the sector.

Explore DIG’s potential: Invitation for a personalized demo

Mark Mander extends an invitation to those interested in the DIG platform, encouraging them to explore its potential firsthand. He invites potential users to visit the DIG website, where they can learn more about the software’s extensive capabilities in managing various aspects of potato cultivation and sales.

Moreover, he emphasizes the opportunity for interested parties to request a live demonstration, enabling them to see the software in action and understand how it can specifically benefit their operations. For more details and to request a demo, interested parties can visit DIG Potatoes or get in touch with Mark Mander.

Source: Tayfusion Digital
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