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Uniting forces: Europatat issues global call for information on projects aimed at wireworm control in potato production

In a significant move to bolster the battle against one of the most formidable pests in agriculture, the European Potato Association, known as Europatat, has issued a global call to action. The organization is urgently inviting researchers and industry experts worldwide to unite their efforts in the fight against the spread of wireworms – a persistent threat to potato crops.

Wireworms, the subterranean larvae of click beetles, have long been a bane for potato farmers globally. These pests, notorious for their appetite for roots and tubers, have caused notable devastation in potato fields, leading to substantial economic losses. Among the key culprits are several species that have been particularly damaging, including Agriotes lineatus, Agriotes obscurus, Agriotes sputator, Agriotes sordidus, Agriotes litigiosus, A. brevis, A. ustulatus, Athous haemorrhoidalis, Limonius californicus, and Ctenicera cuprea.

Recognizing the urgency of this issue, Europatat is emphasizing the critical need for enhanced collaboration and knowledge exchange among the scientific community and industry stakeholders. The association believes that pooling resources and information is vital for developing effective strategies to mitigate the impact of these pests.

To facilitate this, Europatat is inviting those with pertinent information or ongoing research initiatives related to wireworm control in potato production to reach out. Researchers and professionals around the world are encouraged to contact Europatat’s Secretariat at and share details on ongoing or envisioned projects and initiatives aimed at the management of wireworms in potato production. The aim is to explore potential partnerships that could lead to breakthroughs in effective wireworm control.

This initiative not only highlights the challenges faced in global potato production, but also reflects Europatat’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where experts from various fields can come together to protect and advance the agricultural industry.

Source: European Potato Association (Europatat)
Photo: Credit Europatat

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