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2023: A year of triumphs and challenges, but overall a positive year for Canadian potato growers

In 2023, Canadian potato growers witnessed a record-breaking year, as reported by Potatoes in Canada in a comprehensive overview.

Statistics Canada’s data shows unprecedented highs in seeded and harvested areas, yield, and production in the last five years. The sector faced varying regional challenges, from weather impacts to storage issues. Despite some production decreases in eastern regions, fresh potatoes remained abundant for domestic markets.

Challenges included heavy rains in P.E.I. affecting harvest and storability, especially of Burbank potatoes, and similar wet conditions in New Brunswick and Quebec. Ontario, while experiencing wet early seasons, reported good crops. Manitoba’s initially hot and dry season turned favorable, although some crops were lost to hailstorms. Saskatchewan’s seed crop excelled despite early heat. Alberta, amidst drought-like conditions, produced a strong crop but faced oversupply issues. British Columbia reported an excellent crop despite low rainfall.

The Canadian government announced significant funding for P.E.I. potato growers, aiding recovery from the 2021 potato wart crisis. This initiative included modernization and diversification efforts. Additionally, Alberta led the country in potato acreage increase in 2023, reflecting global demand and industry expansions.

This comprehensive overview reflects the dynamic nature of Canada’s potato industry, highlighting both its successes and challenges in the face of environmental and market factors.

Source: Potatoes in Canada. Read the full report here
Photo: Credit PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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