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Starch potato crop in The Netherlands faces unprecedented challenges due to adverse weather

Avebe is grappling with a challenging potato harvest season in The Netherlands, according to a news story published by the Dutch agriculture magazine Akkerwijzer. Reports indicate that a significant portion of the crop, estimated between 5 to 10 percent, remains unharvested due to adverse weather conditions.

David Fousert, the chairman of Avebe, described the situation as a “major drama,” highlighting the severe impact of the wet conditions that have led to record-high tare percentages. The starch content in the potatoes is reported to be lower by about one percentage point compared to the previous year, a reduction that Fousert labels as “quite significant.”

Additionally, the overall yields per hectare are expected to fall short of last year’s figures. The quality concerns of the remaining crop have necessitated adjustments in Avebe’s campaign planning. The company’s factories are operating at maximum capacity to process the excess potatoes, potentially leading to an earlier conclusion of the campaign than initially planned.

Compounding the difficulties is the issue of storability. Some batches are being processed earlier than usual due to quality issues.

Source: Akkerwijzer. Read the full story here (original story in Dutch)
Photo: Credit Akkerwijzer

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