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Creating a sustainable and greener food system: Key trends in 2023

From factories to farming, and indeed factory farming, producing enough for us all to eat and drink has a huge impact on this planet, writes Anna Turns in an article published by Food Matters Live. Food production accounts for more than a quarter (26%) of global greenhouse gas emissions and is full of complex and convoluted supply chains.

But huge progress is now being made from plot to plate, Anna Turns writes. While some businesses are repurposing peelings, others are greening their financial strategies. Gradually, more food companies are beginning to shift towards a more circular, less wasteful model to help transform the system’s environmental impacts.

Turns spoke to industry experts to discover the 10 most promising food and drink sustainability trends of 2023. Here is a summary of the trends she discusses in her article:

1. Upcycled foods: More brands are using ingredients that were previously considered waste to create innovative food products.

2. Lower-impact cooking: Energy-efficient cooking gadgets and appliances are becoming more popular, promoting sustainable cooking practices.

3. Sustainable crops: There is a growing focus on incorporating diverse and sustainable ingredients into food products to enhance food security and reduce environmental impact.

4. Farming for nature: Regenerative agriculture practices are gaining traction, focusing on creating positive impacts on the environment and biodiversity.

5. Ecolabelling: Front-of-pack environmental food labelling is evolving to provide consumers with information about the environmental impact of food products.

6. Greener food finance: Food and drink businesses are prioritizing sustainability in their financial planning and decision-making processes.

7. Reducing meat and dairy: Supermarkets and retailers are exploring ways to reduce meat and dairy consumption and promote more sustainable protein choices.

8. The end of greenwashing: Businesses are cracking down on misleading environmental claims and focusing on genuine sustainability efforts.

9. Ingenious circular food: Circular design concepts are being applied to food products, considering not only packaging but also the ingredients and production methods.

10. Streamlined supply chains: Food businesses are working to streamline their supply chains to reduce waste, energy consumption, and costs.

These trends reflect the ongoing efforts within the food industry to address sustainability challenges and create a more environmentally conscious and responsible food system.

Source: Food Matters Live. Read the full article here
Photo: Credit kalhh from Pixabay

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