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HarvestEye unveils enhanced crop insight tool at Potato Expo 2024

In a significant leap forward for agricultural technology, HarvestEye is set to debut its advanced HarvestEye 2.0 system at the upcoming Potato Expo 2024, North America’s premier event for potato industry professionals. This latest iteration of HarvestEye, a machine-learning driven tool, promises to revolutionize the way growers, packers, and processors understand and manage their crops.

HarvestEye 2.0, an upgrade to the already successful platform, is designed to fit seamlessly onto existing harvesting or grading equipment. It provides real-time insights into the size, shape, and distribution of crops directly from the field. This information is made accessible through an online portal and detailed daily reports, offering a comprehensive view of crop variability and aiding in informed decision-making at harvest.

Refined machine learning model

The system’s enhanced capabilities stem from a refined machine learning model and a more robust system architecture.

HarvestEye 2.0 boasts improved detection of a wider variety of potatoes and is adept at functioning under challenging conditions, such as the low evening sun, a common issue in many North American regions.

Harry Tinson, General Manager at HarvestEye, expressed enthusiasm about the system’s return to Potato Expo. “After receiving invaluable feedback from regional growers who trialed our units last year, we’re excited to demonstrate the significant advancements we’ve made in HarvestEye 2.0,” said Tinson.

He emphasized the importance of Potato Expo in connecting with industry leaders and discussing how HarvestEye can meet their evolving needs.

Targeting the North American potato market

Tinson also highlighted HarvestEye’s commitment to fostering a more efficient and sustainable future in farming. “By enhancing crop visibility and reducing wastage, we aim to make a substantial impact in the North American potato market,” he added.

HarvestEye will be showcasing its technology at booth 22 during the Potato Expo 2024, scheduled for January 10-11 at the Austin Convention Centre in Austin, Texas. The event, organized annually by the National Potato Council, is a key gathering for industry stakeholders.

The company encourages growers, packers, and processors to explore subscription, rental, and lease options for HarvestEye units. For more details, interested parties can visit HarvestEye’s website.

Source: HarvestEye
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