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Floods in Germany: Desperate farmers fight to save harvests

While most Germans were celebrating the new year, farmer Dirk Reinecke was frantically getting his three tractors ready to go and bring in 150 tons of potatoes before they rotted in the floods. That would have meant the loss of his entire winter harvest, as Oliver Pieper reports in a news story for DW.

Reinicke and other farmers in Lower Saxony, northwestern Germany, have been working nonstop for days, helping to seal off dikes from the floods. “I’m 58 years old and I’ve never experienced a flood like this before,” Reinecke told DW. “We normally see some flooding every four to five years. But we’ve never had water levels in the village as high as they are now.”

In many parts of Lower Saxony, the potato and sugar beet harvest is at risk. Due to an extremely wet autumn, many paths were no longer navigable for the heavy machinery used for harvesting. Farmer Reinicke said many of his fields have been underwater since November.

“I’m currently drawing on my reserves from last year, but of course they will be used up at some point. 2024 will be a difficult year, is all I can say.”

Source: DW. Full story and videos here
Photo: Farmer Dirk Reinecke checks the floodwaters every day. Credit Oliver Pieper / DW

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