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Global Potato Production: Insights from the FAO’s latest data

The FAO’s FAOSTAT database, updated in late December 2023, includes potato production statistics up to 2022. The data reveals that approximately 375 million tonnes of potatoes were produced globally in 2022, with China (95,5 million tonnes) and India (56 million tonnes) being the top producers.

Germany produced 10,6 million tonnes, France 8 million tonnes, Netherlands 6,9 million tonnes, the UK 4,8 million tonnes, Belgium 3,6 million tonnes. Russia produced 18,9 million tonnes, and the Ukraine 20,9 million tonnes.

The U.S. produced 17,8 million tonnes, and Canada 6,2 million tonnes. Argentina produced 2,2 million tonnes, and Australia 1,1 million tonnes.

Egypt produced 6,1 million tonnes, and South Africa 2,5 million tonnes.

The total harvested area worldwide was 17,788,408 hectares in 2022, slightly less than the previous year.

For detailed information, users can access the FAOSTAT website at To find specific data, select “Production,” then “Crops and Livestocks,” and finally, click on “crops primary” in the Item section for a complete list of crops.

It’s important to note that while FAOSTAT data is comprehensive, it may not align precisely with official figures from certain countries’ government or industry sources, though it generally provides a reliable overview.

Source: FAO
Photo: Credit NT Franklin from Pixabay

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