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UK’s Health and Safety Executive proposes withdrawal of mancozeb approval, impacting agricultural practices

In a significant development impacting the agricultural sector, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of Great Britain has proposed the withdrawal of the approval for the active substance mancozeb, a widely used pesticide.

According to a news release issued by UPL Europe Ltd and Indofil Industries (Netherlands) BV, this decision follows a comprehensive review under Article 21 of the retained Regulation (EC) 1107/2009, which allows HSE to reassess the approval of any pesticide active substance in light of new scientific data.

The review, which included an evaluation of the latest evidence and data submitted by UPL Europe Ltd and Indofil Industries (Netherlands) BV, part of the EU Mancozeb Task Force, concluded that mancozeb no longer meets the necessary criteria for approval. This conclusion could lead to significant changes in the use of mancozeb in Great Britain’s agricultural practices.

Currently, the approval of mancozeb is set to expire on 31st January 2024. However, HSE has indicated a likely extension of this approval for an interim period of three months, pending confirmation. The specific withdrawal periods for products containing mancozeb are yet to be determined, with UPL Europe Ltd and Indofil Industries (Netherlands) BV committed to advising their customers as soon as this information becomes available.

Mancozeb is particularly crucial in the control of potato blight, known for its multi-site activity which is essential for resistance management. Recognizing the importance of this substance, UPL Europe Ltd and Indofil Industries Netherlands BV have expressed their commitment to working closely with global and UK stakeholders, as well as UK authorities. Their goal is to explore all possible options to maintain the availability of mancozeb products in the UK market.

Source: UPL Europe Ltd and Indofil Industries (Netherlands) BV
Photo: Credit Wolfgang Ehrecke from Pixabay

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